Since 2007 many have sought out Leeza’s spiritual guidance and have experienced profound shifts in perception and a deepened sense of inner peace. She continues to make herself available to individuals in person and via the Internet.

Private Sessions

For those ready to receive clear and direct guidance—these sessions are profound opportunities for renewal and remembrance of Self. Sessions are available in person where she teaches, and as may be necessary, are also offered through Skype, FaceTime and the old-fashioned phone.

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Aware Youth


For several years Leeza has come to serve as a loving mentor to youth groups at west coast schools and community centers. Through her peaceful presence, she reminds youth of their innate capacity to love and to lead from a point of compassion. Most of this work has been within LGBTQI+ communities, for which she is passionately invested in.

Personal Sessions

Many youth have found personal guidance sessions with Leeza transformational and in many cases life-saving. Regardless of the level of trauma, her compassion and boundless patience cuts through the emotional and psychological turmoil. Often youth report that they feel heard, acknowledged and accepted for the first time. She has an amazing ability to sincerely connect and communicate so directly, that youth find themselves fully participating in their own healing. Inquire to find out more.