Leeza is an extraordinary teacher, visionary, mentor and someone who fully embodies peace and love. She shares her message of abiding peace with community through public speaking, retreats, immersion experiences, private sessions, inspired writing and consulting, youth mentorship and more.

Sittings — Intimate Talks (satsang)

Sittings are an invitation to gather in the sharing of truth and turning our attention towards the source of knowing. These sittings are akin to traditional dharma talks or satsang where, in large and small groups, Leeza offers a gentle yet direct approach in connecting to the love that is already alive in you. These gatherings are an opportunity to meet Leeza and explore the depths of heart, mind and being.

Private Sessions

For those ready to receive clear and direct guidance, these sessions are profound opportunities for renewal and remembrance of Self. These sessions are available in person where she teaches, and as may be necessary, are also offered via Skype, FaceTime and phone. Let’s schedule an appointment.

Weekend Immersions

Immersions are slightly deeper investigations into awareness, of a fully realized life. These weekends are playfully experiential where you are encouraged to open up and embrace your beautiful essence, knowing that you are held tenderly and patiently through the process.

Aware Movement — Walking Meditation

If you live in the Vancouver/Portland area please join us in this sacred monthly walk among the pristine Pacific Northwest rivers, lakes and parks with community. Along with you, Leeza will help in nurturing a sense of peace and gratitude in this quiet act of being with each step, rock, smile and tree. Check our calendar for the most up to date info on the particular location in either Vancouver, Camas (WA) or Portland (OR). Each walk begins with a brief orientation for those unfamiliar with walking mediation and overview of the path we’ll take. Most of our walks will have the same beginning and end point. We’re also open to adding more locations as interests grows. Have a path for us to include? Let us know!

Aware Youth


For several years Leeza has come to serve as a loving mentor to youth groups at west coast schools and community centers. Through her peaceful presence, she reminds youth of their innate capacity to love and to lead from a point of compassion. Most of this work has been within LGBTQI+ communities, for which she is passionately invested in.

 —Personal Sessions

Many youth have found personal guidance sessions with Leeza transformational and in many cases life-saving. Regardless of the level of trauma, her compassion and boundless patience cuts through the emotional and psychological turmoil. Often youth report that they feel heard, acknowledged and accepted for the first time. She has an amazing ability to sincerely connect and communicate so directly, that youth find themselves fully participating in their own healing. Inquire to find out more.



Retreats are an intensive space designed to catalyze a profound inward journey, realigning the heart and mind. Participants cultivate experiential wisdom through reflection, remembrance, meditation and gratitude. These are potent opportunities to spend intimate time with Leeza in the liberating space of deep abiding love. Space available will vary with location. Check the calendar for upcoming 5 to 10 day retreats.


However rare, Leeza will offer retreats for specific communities, such as LGBTQI+, HIV+/AIDS or collaborative works addressing ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

Peace Ambassador — Public Speaking

Leeza is an engaged spiritual leader and amazing speaker, who can speak to anyone, anywhere and offer a deeply impactful, non-dual message of peace, and transmission of abiding in truth and love. She is available for keynote speaking engagements for conferences and special events for adults or youth. Her inspirational speaking and peaceful presence proves to be wonderfully enlivening. Contact us for more.

Aware Teaching — Educator Training

Leeza is accepting invitations into educational environments to inspire educators and help schools re-vision their education paradigm. Guiding educators on the significance of including themselves in the equation of teaching, and to see themselves more deeply in the lives of those of different cultures. Teachers who are deeply committed to their own growth are naturally invested in the well-being of every student, who are in turn profoundly affected by their loving presence. A significant aspect of this work is creating and nurturing an environment of inclusivity. One that honors and celebrates diversity in every way it shows up.

Please visit our Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events with Leeza. Also, if you’d like to make your home, spiritual or community space available for Leeza’s healing talks, or if you would like to invite her to speak at your workshop, meeting or conference, please do contact us.